I’m very passionate about being able to choose what we put in our bodies, on our bodies - what we surround ourselves with and how it can affect our wellbeing - both physically and emotionally. 

A couple of years ago a good friend gave me a candle - the first one I’d had in a while. Then a member of my family passed away very suddenly and lighting that candle became a ritual that I did each day to help me through the grief.  This small daily ritual gave me a moment to pause, feel and do something for myself - the healing and comforting qualities of that candle really stayed with me.

I couldn’t find natural alternatives to fragranced candles so started playing around with making my own. I did a deep dive into the world of fragrance and discovered that the term ‘fragrance’ is a trojan horse for all sorts of nasties as makers don’t have to disclose what ingredients are contained within it. 

Providing an alternative to fragrance really is at the core of what we do and essential oils are the common element in all our products. I was introduced to them by a friend over 25 years ago and they are so beautiful to work with. Creating blends that not only smell divine but offer therapeutic qualities as well, is so rewarding.  I also chose to use coconut wax in my candles which is completely clean-burning with no additives or chemicals added whatsoever.  Despite it being slightly trickier to work with, once I’ve discovered it I couldn’t go back to using other waxes. It really does look good enough to eat.

The Poet ethos is to provide beautifully designed, natural alternatives to products that we use in our everyday lives and that remind us to take a moment for ourselves.