Poet Botanicals was founded by Melanie Morris in 2020. Having spent many years working in design and branding, Melanie shifted her focus to her own practice and has nurtured a distinct, minimalist design style.

During this time she also explored her long-standing interest in natural health, and undertook study in Naturopathy.  Poet is the perfect expression of Melanie's interests with the creation of beautifully designed products that support and nurture our wellbeing.

"I’m so passionate about being able to choose what we put in and on our bodies - what we surround ourselves with and how it can affect our physical and emotional wellbeing. As a teenager I was forever playing around with chamomile hair treatments and witch hazel and have fond memories of Mum taking us to a dusty health food shop on Cuba Street where everything was housed in mysterious brown bags.

A few years ago a friend gave me a candle. A member of my family passed away suddenly and lighting that candle became a ritual that really helped me process the loss.  This small daily act gave me a small moment to pause and sit with my feelings; even just a moment.  That stayed with me and candles became a part of my self-care ritual.

It was hard to find alternatives to fragranced candles which had always given me a headache, so I started making my own. I quickly discovered that the term ‘fragrance’ is a trojan horse for all sorts of nasties and there are no rules around disclosing what ingredients are in fragrance. I went on a quest to create a truly clean-burning candle and Poet slowly came to life.

Now providing a natural alternative to fragranced products really is at the core of what I do and essential oils are the common element in all Poet products. I was introduced to them by a friend over 25 years ago and they are so beautiful to work with. 

Our ethos here at Poet is to provide beautifully designed, natural alternatives to products that we use in our everyday lives. Products that provide us with the opportunity for moments of ritual and that enhance our sense of wellbeing".