Hand holding a milk jade Gua Sha massage tool
Two bottles of bottle oil lying next to each other.
A diagram of a face illustrating how to use the Gua Sha massage tool

Gua Sha Massage Tool in Milk Jade

Pronounced ‘gwa sa’ with its origins in Chinese traditions and culture, Gua translates as 'to scrape' and Sha 'to sand'.  Regular use of Gua Sha helps to move lymphatic fluid just under the skin’s surface which enhances lymph drainage, improves circulation and supports cellular rejuvenation as it is gently, mindfully glided across the face. 

Keep your gua sha chilled in the fridge to enhance the jade's cooling effect. Use directly on skin or apply with a small amount of face oil. Gently massage in small, circular movements in an outwords direction from the centre of face towards lymph nodes in jawline. This tool is also really effective for relieving tension in the neck and shoulders.

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