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It's our belief that the products we use in our home should be made ethically with safe ingredients.  Candles are just the start for our small family business. We are committed to producing all natural products that work 


Slow North sees a need for positive change and responds with action, filling a void and serving as a constant advocate for your daily renewal. We are committed to curating a growing line of small-batch products – made with transparent ingredients – that contribute to a healthier home and fuller life.

In 2017, during a time of loss and sadness, a lovely friend gifted me a candle which provided me with much comfort. I'd always enjoyed the ritual of lighting a candle, but was aware of the nasties they contained. Since having my children I had avoided using them in the home.

This prompted a search to find a candle that didn't contain carcinogens.  I struggled, and those I tried, with 'natural' fragrances still smelt artificial to me. I also watched the Netflix documentary 'STINK' which highlights the absence of regulations in the U.S (from which most candle fragrances are sourced) around the term 'fragrance' with all manner of nasties still turning up in 'natural' products. It was then that I started looking into making my own, experimenting with soot-free, plant-based waxes, lead-free wicks and the most important ingredient - pure essential oils, as scent.

I happily worked away on this little project for months and discovered the beauty of coconut wax; a clean-burning and sustainable product. I experimented with many essential oil blends, eventually producing a collection of candles that smell incredible and have lovely therapeutic qualities. 

It's my hope that you'll enjoy the subtle aroma of poet candles, knowing that they are safe.  I invite you to introduce ritual into your everyday life; harnessing and celebrating your emotional and physical wellbeing and to think about the positive benefits of using ethically-produced, natural products in your home.

Love and light.