I believe that anything we use in our home or put on (or in) our bodies should be made with safe ingredients. 

I've always enjoyed the ritual of lighting a candle but was aware of the nasties that most contained.

Once you know, you know ... and you become highly sensitive to fragrance - as I am now. I tried candles with 'natural' fragrance but they smelt artificial, and with a bit of research I discovered that the term 'fragrance' is not well regulated and all manner of nasties can be included without any disclosure.  

Essential oils have been in my life for over 20 years after a good friend and qualified aromatherapist introduced me to them. I started making my own candles using essential oils as scent. While it's labour intensive, I found great solace in the process and soon our home was littered with candles in all shapes and sizes. After much experimentation, I discovered coconut wax; a beautiful white, clean-burning and sustainable product with an amazing scent throw. I started to share them with friends and family and from there Poet Botanicals came to life.

I've been slowly creating other products - all designed to provide natural and effective alternatives to everyday items we use in our homes or on our bodies.

I'm often asked why I called the business Poet Botanicals and this poem by Osho really sums it up perfectly...

When I say be creative
I don't mean that you
should all go and become
great painers and great poets.
I simply mean, let your life be a painting.
Let your life be a poem.

The definition of a poet is a person possessing imagination or expression. Poet Botanicals is a wonderful creative outlet for me that has also allowed me to express my passion for health and wellbeing.