Candle care

Because poet. candles are made with pure essential oils, the wax is hand-poured at a lower temperature. This means a completely smooth surface isn't always achievable; each candle is unique and beautiful in its own way.  Any surface imperfections are minor and not considered a defect as these will disappear when the candle is used. Sometimes a change in temperature causes the wax to form what look like 'wet spots'; again these are not considered a defect and will disappear once the candle is used.

Important information for your first burn
The first time you burn your candle is the most important.  Wait until the wax reaches the edge of the vessel before putting it out.  This will avoid 'tunnelling' for future burns, and wax won't accumulate around the edge. Each time you light the candle trim the wick to 5mm (use a wick trimmer, scissors or pinch the wick between your fingers). This prevents wax from pooling around the wick.

Recommended burn-time
Burn your candle for up to three hours at a time.When there is 1cm of wax left, it's time to stop burning.  To re-use your vessel, wait till it's cooled, remove the remaining wick and wickum sticker and wash with hot, soapy water.

Storing your candle
Coconut wax has a low melting point so store your candle out of direct sunlight and high temperatures.  The essential oils within your candle also also sensitive to light and heat. 

Never leave your burning candle unattended - and be sure it's well away from children, pets and curtains. Burn it on a heat-resistant surface.