Marama Eclipse Exfoliating Face Soap

Marama Eclipse Exfoliating Face Soap

Eclipse face soap is an intense face cleaner for normal to oily skin with a gentle exfoliating element, to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Crafted with coconut, avocado and hemp seed oil, and enriched with organic coffee grind, it provides a gentle scrub while the detoxifying activated charcoal gives your skin an effective cleanse. The anti-microbial activity in the manuka oil soothes the skin and helps to calm acne and other skin irritations. 

Scent ~ a calming blend of essential oils of cedarwood, lavender, clary sage and manuka essential oil that brings a grounding effect and gives balance to an upset nervous system.


Maker ~ Marama Skincare from Whaingaroa, Raglan