Ban Plastic Bottles in New Zealand

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We make every effort to avoid plastic in our business and when we receive supplies wrapped in plastic we contact the supplier to ask if they might reconsider their packaging. There are a few barrier to being able to say we're 100% plastic free but we're constantly looking for alternatives. 

We've recently started donating to Greenpeace New Zealand to help them achieve big, important things, including their petition to ban single-use plastic in New Zealand.

Taken from Greenpeace New Zealand website...

Here in New Zealand we love our wild coastlines and big ocean. We love eating kai moana and spending time in beautiful, clean, natural places. It’s part of who we are.

Every year it’s estimated we toss away more than a billion plastic bottles here in New Zealand.

This plastic ends up clogging our landfills, getting shipped offshore and incinerated in places like Malaysia, where it harms human health, or it winds up on our coast, causing harm to wildlife like the toroa (albatross) and breaking down into tiny toxic pieces which end up in our food.

We all know the time has come for visionary action on plastic - let’s ban throwaway plastic bottles* and mandate for reusable alternatives.

We’re calling on New Zealand’s government to ban single-use plastic bottles. 

*The scope of this ban should include all ‘ready-to-drink’, single-use plastic beverage containers in the volume range of 0.1 litres to 3 litres (e.g. mineral water, soft drinks, sport drinks, juices, and milks).

Sign the petition here.

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